Sales and marketing – together at last.

Integrated marketing campaigns with real-time all-channel lead reporting. Take the guesswork out of identifying your prospects while building meaningful thought leadership and lead magnets for your brand.  A game changing marketing and sales initiative for advisors by the team at B3 Alliance, Inc.

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Imagine a sales landscape where marketing leads are known instantly, and your content is built effortlessly around your brand.

Real world use cases for Promoter

Contact engagement reports
Branded content distribution
Independent sales agent marketing
Social media user tracking
Event sponsorship reporting

1. Content

Marketing content experts craft clickable, craveable, shareable vertical-specific content, matched to your brand.
Thought Leadership

Thought leadership builds strong brands. Our team of copywriters, with industry vertical expertise, serve as the backbone for long-form and digitally published content tailored to your organization's unique needs.

Top of funnel

Draw in relevant leads with content they'll want to read and share. You'll take lead generation to the next level by becoming a knowledge leader.

No time required

Of course you're busy. That's why all of the stress and planning involved in the content process is handled for you, and written for your vertical.

Made to scale

Promoter was created for large sales organizations. Content is developed once, then branded and distributed for each independent sales agent.

Created for conversions

This isn't evergreen, it's fresh and relevant content designed to improve discoverability, audience engagement, and convert.

2. Promotion

Social media, live web meetings, live or hybrid events, email marketing and referral marketing are utilized to reach your audience wherever they are.
Network Engagement

No two contacts hear a message the same way. Our past experience producing, marketing, and developing the sales for some of the largest technology and networking events on the planet ensures your content falls directly into the path of your audience.

Webcasts and events

Promoter leverages deep connections to the events industry to produce audience pleasing virtual and hybrid events, webcasts, and meetings.

We'll post that

Inbound marketing expertise meets a changed digital landscape with expert designed email marketing and social media posts, branded to you.

Website and blog

A website built around your brand is just the beginning. Direct contacts back to the website where they'll find fresh, relevant blog posts updated regularly.

Forms and tracking

Forget about creating forms and tracking links and get back to growing a business. Lead generation forms and contact tracking are handled for you.

3. LIVE Reporting

Innovative smart reporting automations drive leads into your personalized dashboard the moment a contact engages, giving you an opportunity to reach out while they're viewing your content.
Lead Nurturing

The perfect time to engage a prospect is the moment they express interest. Traditional lead reporting software delivers engagement reports too late in the cycle to be any use. The Promoter dashboard ensures you're notified of engagement in seconds.

All channel reporting

Video views, event registrations, email clicks, form submissions and more are automatically collected and reported in realtime.

Ping, ping, ping

The most important engagements with the highest likelihood of conversion are delivered to you via instant notification – live.

Source analytics

See the most recent content a contact has viewed from right within the dashboard, giving you a solid foundation for conversation.

Up-to-date contacts

See the most recent phone or email information that a contact has provided, without having to cross reference your CRM.

Promoter for enterprise

Take control of how your agents and dispersed offices are marketing company messages while better understanding their local audiences.

  • Leverage custom content that'll put the competition to shame
  • Produce white labeled webcasts, virtual and hybrid events that distribute key messaging
  • Keep remote offices and sales agents engaged with key marketing initiatives
  • Deploy organic content marketing campaigns agilely without traditional agency bloat
  • Reduce costs

Promoter for professionals

Leverage the power of enterprise level marketing content on a personalized level, with live reporting that drives conversions.

  • Build an armada of content that's specific to your identity
  • Invite your contacts to live events and webcasts, under your own brand
  • Email and social managed for you
  • Live engagement tracking available 24/7
  • Self-service branded content library
  • Contact prospects the second they engage
  • Avoid high costs of a CRM

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